Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Good to be back...

In canada that is. As you may or may not know I was in mexico for a week and a bit with my youth group. We had a great time building relationships, houses and even going to the beach. We went down to mexico primarily show God's blessings in our life and try to show it to other christian/non-christian families. It was really rewarding to see the thanks we got from our family that we built for. THere was 3 groups and we all built double houses which are still small houses, but better than what they had. We all made beds to suit the number of people in their house, bought them a propane stove thingy and even added electrical to the house. We had lots of work to do, but got our house done in 4 days. It was really fun to work with the guys I worked with. I may have pictures in upcoming blogs.

Funny story about my camera and why I dont have pictures on here, its because my camera got sand in it from the beach when we were in mexico. I put my camera in Alissa's bag, and some how the sand got in my camera, and now some of the buttons dont work and even the shutter/zoom dont open. Its quite sad. Also my billabong watch which I got on my 16th birthday and has been my best friend since then decided to stop working when it got sand in it. Oh well I already have a new watch from slave labor walmart. Good name for that place.

Other news Michelle my cousin who has been living with us for the past while and using up the third room in our house finally moved out. It was a mutual agreement to leave, and she is living at her boyfriend's cousin's house. It was kinda sad not to see her here anymore, but I know she is fine somewhere else. When she moved out curtis moved back upstairs, and we both got queen size beds. Its nice to be able to finally stretch out. I was sleeping on what I believe is a twin mattress forever. Have you seen how big I am? I dont even know how big a twin is, but its barely enough to hold me. SO that is interesting. Finally having my own room after like just about 2 years of living with curtis :S. Its been hard. He is so messy haha.

Yesterday I went job hunting. It was pretty disheartening as being the fourth time I have dropped off resume's for an apprenticeship as an electrician. The electrician/get my life on track bug was really wanting me to try again. So just as I got back from Mexico, I thought I am going to really try and get an apprentice so that I can go to school in the fall. It also helped the Triple M were being asses and putting me on nights still which means I cant go to church on sunday nights, go out for wing wednesday, and even go to Coram Deo. Sad eh? But this can all change. Anywho back to my disheartening time or was it. I go to about 7 or 8 places, and nothing. Everyone is hiring later, or not looking which is all their stories. But this time was different. Deltec one of the companies in the industrial section is looking for apprentices, and so I applied there. The owner (that is right owner) talked to me about my experience with electrical, when I can quit triple m, and about other things. He also wanted me to bring by some references, which looks very promising. This is the break I have been looking for. I am looking forward to going back to school and apprentice.

So that is what has been happening since January 13th, so sorry to keep you waiting benj...I know its been a long schlong time. Well I will have pictures of mexico and other fun stuff later guys.

V for Vengeance

Saturday, January 13, 2007

How long it has been

Its been a while since i have posted. I have felt guilty about it, and my new years resolution was to blog more...and work out more and I have been doing one of those things. Blogging wasnt one of them, but I am turning over a new leaf, and I have more time to do it. I have this whole saturday off, alex is coming over soon, so I need to kill the time with something. Benj also prompting me to blog is a good reason.

So in the new year on the second of January I come to work and guess what the roof of my workplace is ripped off. So we come in and there is shit everwhere, pipes broken, natural gas leaking and yeah. It was a schmozzal, and we had to go to hangar 5 for work. So we go to hangar 5 and its like fricken sardines. You know sardines the game? its like that but working while doing that. It was very cramped and now we have a 3 shift rotation from the 1 shift a day work schedule. Its around the clock craziness and I have to work the 3-11 shift and it sucks. Have to change my whole schedule and sleeping pattern and have to try and get to choir at 7pm on mondays. So thats pretty interesting.

Also Billy Talent, Rise Against, Moneen, and Anti-Flag will come to lethbridge here in like 10 days. It is gonna be really awesome. I am going with mybrother who got the tickets for his bday. I had to pay for mine but thats alright. If there is a concert in lethbridge and its not rap or country I am there. So that is what I am oding. Think about me next week when I am at the Enmax Center killing little children in the mosh pit. Little children being Derek. If you see him kick him in the balls for me. Capeesh?

Sorry about not posting I will have more to come I am just bored of blogging and alex is over so I have no motivation to blog anymore. So I will blog tomorrow again guys before I go to work at 3. Talk to you all later.

V for Vengeance

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Its late...

Its 2:30 am in the morning, and what am I doing? Waiting for boxing day sales...thats right. I dont even fricken want anything, but I am goin for my brother. I am such a good brother. Too good of a brother. So right now me and curtis are watching family guy season 4. He got it for Christmas. We are having a great time just hanging out waiting for 4:30 to roll around. Futureshop opens at 6 and Visions at 7. Curtis wants to get xbox games at 20$ a piece, cds at buy 2 get 1 free, and a stack of 100 CD-R's for 25 bucks. At visions there is a 10 inch clairion subwoofer for 35 dollars. Its gonna be good if we get all the deals that he wants. I want nothing...and I spent too much on my girlfriend, just kidding Alex.

So Christmas has come and past,and it has left me feeling good. We had very good sermons about Christ and his birth, and what it means for Christian. We even sang "Ere Zij God" which is the all time Dutch song...Christmas wouldnt be the same without it. Also we had present opening on Saturday which was a blast. Alex came over, and we had some goodies while opening the presents. My mom and my brother loved their presents, Alex loved her presents too, which means I am out of the dog house until...Valentines day. Heres hoping for another 2 good months until then.

I got really good presents from all my family. I got a guitar and an amp, a quiksilver - coat, zip up hoodie, and a shirt, I got a John Grisham book, a couple cd's, seat covers for my truck, and my mom bought me and my brother an ipod alarm sound system. It was really nice to receive all these gifts, but I still remember the best gift of all is Jesus Christ to the world. I really believe that the principle of gift giving is based on that. That the gift of Jesus Christ from God to the world is the idea behind gift giving.

I have been so busy with everything the past couple weeks, so I havent been able to blog, I apologize terribly, and will blog more constant til the end of the year.


V for Vengeance

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Work and Christmas

So I got back from work today...it was super boring. It was 4 hours of overtime though which is nice, to go along with my new and shiny raise. There wasnt much to do because the electricians on the next house were not even done so we couldnt continue onto the next house. We just sheeted the previous house, and took it easy. Later I am going to the gym which should hurt really bad. I havent been there for like a week. I am getting real bad at going. I have no time to spend at the gym after work and alex. Alex takes up my free time which I dont mind at all, but also after 8 hours a day do you think I have energy to run a marathon or lift weights?

So Christmas is coming up soon...have you done your shopping, or made plans to get outta town? I have been shopping for my mom, my brother and I have done alot for alex. Well not alot, but I have her done. For a while now...like 2 weeks. I slept in one saturday when I was going to do overtime at work, and my mom and brother were going to the mall to check out some deals so I went to check out things for alex. Lo' and behold I was in the spending mood. Not to say I spent much. Or did I? Haha, Alex is worried I spent too much on her, which is a good worry. So Put in the comments about what you people are doing this christmas, or if you are starting or done christmas shopping. Or just leave a comment about anything you bums.

I didnt have much to write about today, but I bet something fun will come up in the next couple days/weeks. Talk to you guys later.

Mandarin Oranges eaten to date: 8

V for reVenge

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Raise the Roof

Well i dont think I told anyone this, well on the blog atleast that is. I got moved to roofing at triple m last week monday. Its a good switch. Nice and close to the heaters when its cold, and cooler people up on the roofs. Also you get to wear normal running shoes. When you are down on the floor you must wear 10 pound work boots. I have work boots, wasted 100 bucks on them, but I got to use them today, when I switched to sheeting for like 2 hours. It was pretty boring, and when i got back up top I was really glad that Larry Gill (my new favourite person at triple m) switched me to roofing. He is the roofing, windows, and sheeting supervisor and has the power over like 15-17 people. Pretty powerful right?

Definitely. Today he talks to me, I have gotten my firs raise to fifteen bucks an hour. Thats good for a 18 year old who has been working at his job for 8 weeks. But to make the story even better, larry talks to me about how much I am making. I say I got my first raise, and he tells me he is going to tell a guy to raise me to 17 bucks. Sweet eh? I do nothing, but work good and effecient and I am now getting uncalled for raises. So that is what happened today. It was really nice of him, and made me feel like I was doing a pretty good job. If any of you people need a job, just head over to triple m (Brian: But you prolly dont read my blog, just bugging you though) for a great job that pays well.

V for Vengeance

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Weekend Post...Little Late

So as you know...I couldnt go to whitefish with my friends. So I stayed at home...and had a busy weekend at home. I really wanted to go to whitefish with my friends...but life throws curveballs...and this is one of them.

Friday Night: Went to calgary in the afternoon with my brother and his friend josh. We had alot of fun driving up, screwing around, going on the c-train. At the game curtis bought a Roman Hamrlik stick. Did you know you could buy used hockey sticks, used by the players, from actual games? wow I did not know. But you can buy used miika kiprusoff sticks for 20 bucks and used iginla sticks for a staggering 250 bucks. Too rich for my dutch blood. I also signed up for a clagary flames mastercard. Dont know if I will get it, as I have been rejected for a visa twice. But this is different. I am a die-hard flames fan and they will notice this and give me the card, and plus I got a free blanket, so I did get something outa the deal. On the c-train ride home we met some majorly stoned guys and they were crazy. Talking all weird, and chatting with everyone in the train. It was pretty scary, and these 2 girls came into the bus, and all there was were guys around them. No girls in sight. Poor chicks. We had a short ride home, with curtis swearing at me cause he was so hungry, because we didnt stop at any places to get something to eat. We did stop in claresholm at the 7-11, and curtis was happier after that haha.

Saturday: I went to the rodermond's greenhouses and cleaned them with my yuouth group. It was no fun at all. If I would've known how much work it was I would've stayed home. It was like 7 hours of intense working, cleaning out a greenhouse. We had to pull out pepper stalks, and it was hard work. At the end of the day we had to drive all the way home, from medicine hat, and then I went out for supper with alex and then we just took it easy at my house.

It was definitely a productive weekend, but not worth missing out on Whitefish. I feel bad for not going, and backing out, but I know my friends understand, and plus that weekend is over and there is no hard feelings I hope. So I will post later about more fun stuff that happeend this week, if there is fun stuff. Prolly not.

Later Hater

Friday, December 01, 2006

My New Template

Please comment on my new template. I needed something different, and I really dont mind pink. If you have ever chatted with me on msn, I have had fuschia (pink) as my font color for like a year now.

Ciao for now
Well hello again, if You are reading my blog you can see that I have decided to not go to Whitefish, cause of mandatory/obligatory (choose what you want) events happening this weekend for me. I feel shitty cause I know my friends are having fun, and I am at home with a cold, a cut up finger and waiting for alex to come over. I am going to the flames game, I will post pictures of that and even the boring ass trip top medicine hat (hey I make over 100 bucks for my mexico account, I need it). My youth leader said that I am one of the lowest accounts so I reallyt need this, and I love it that my friends understand this. I didnt hope this would wreck our friendship and I love my friends for being so great about it (even if mike did call me a douche bag).

In other news my cut up finger has downgraded from gauze and a tensor bandage to just a couple heavy duty bandages. Its looking like shit right now, and it wouldnt heal much if I was in whitefish partying it up, and not cleaning it and such. Thats not an excuse for me not going, but my mom mentioned it. Here is a picture of my nice finger now with a heavy duty bandage on.

So well I am going to go, I need to get cleaned up, or maybe have a nap, whatever I do...I will blog tomorrow late about tonight and tomorrow's events. Keep reading all you anonymous blog readers (for lack of a better word).

Remember V for Vengeance loves you!